Seomaritan Initiative is here to serve YOU.

Receiving health care is your RIGHT not a Privilege.

Small changes.

Big Difference.

The Good Seomaritan

Seomaritan Initiative stems from two medical student siblings dedicated to bringing patient-centered care to the medically underserved.

Our mission is to tackle healthcare disparities and make sure no individual is left behind without access to the basic minimum of healthcare.

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Compassion. service. life-long learning.

The Seomaritan Initiative is primarily focused on serving the medically underserved/vulnerable populations in Los Angeles County as well as the Central Valley.

Addressing Social determinants of health in our community.

Medical education extends far beyond the classroom.

Immerse yourself with the community.

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We are for our community.

We need your help.

Your donation helps us provide quality free health care and nutrition services to some of the community’s most vulnerable individuals.

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